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Hospice and
End-of-Life Reiki

Reiki at the end of life can be such a gift... often, those nearing the end of their lives can be feeling fear, uncertainty, anxiety, or agitation. Reiki can help soothe nerves, calm the agitation, and ease their transition from this life to the next.

Reiki at this time can help calm your loved one, ease their anxieties, and create an environment of peace for their passing. Reiki can ease pain, and bring comfort to your loved one.

Many hospitals and Hospices are now offering Reiki for their end-of-life patients. For those that do not have Reiki volunteers already, I can come to your location to offer Reiki. Please check with your particular facility to check that non-family visitors are allowed. Due to COVID, many facilities have restrictions in place. If your loved one is not at a facility, I can visit your home, or wherever your loved one is.

End-of-Life Reiki is a very low-key, gentle Reiki. I can simply place a hand on a shoulder, or hold the loved one's hands. If they are willing, a hand on the forehead, and one on the heart or shoulder is all that is needed.

To book an appointment for Hospice/End-of-Life Reiki, simply click the button below. There is no fee. This Reiki is a gift.

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