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How's Your Aural Hygiene?

sillhouette of a human, with colorful layers of aura surrounding them
Human Aura Layers

No, really. How’s your aura doing? Is it bright and clean, or are you carrying around your own negativity along with everybody else’s sludge? Is it time to address your aural hygiene?


What are some good ways to clean your aura?

Here’s a simple one that we can all do: Take a shower in cool water. Cool running water is a great way to energetically cleanse. Visualize the water carrying away all that ails you. Visualize your aura brightening and repairing itself as the water runs over your body.


Take a bath. Fill the tub with warm water, add epsom salts or Himalayan pink salt and sage to enhance the aura cleansing effect of the water. Soak for at least 10 minutes while visualizing your aura being cleansed and repaired. When you are done, don’t let the sage go down the drain. Take the sage leaves out and bury them outside to neutralize the negative energy.


Take a walk in the rain (assuming the weather is warm enough). Close your eyes and visualize all the energetic sludge washing away as the rain runs down your body. Visualize your aura bright and whole again.


Smudge/smoke cleanse yourself. Get a white sage bundle and open a window or do this outside. Light the sage bundle and blow it out so it is just smoldering with no flame. Now simply pass the sage around all parts of your body and let the smoke carry away all the negativity you’ve been accumulating. Visualize your aura bright and whole as you cleanse with the sage smoke.


Make an appointment for a Reiki session. Reiki energy is a powerful tool to cleanse and repair your aura as well as your whole chakra system. You’ll feel like a whole new person with regular Reiki sessions.


Practicing good aural hygiene is a must in the crazy world we’re living in. Don’t neglect your aura!

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