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How to Take Care of Yourself After a Reiki Session

Updated: May 29

The Day of Your Reiki Treatment

Get as much rest as you can. You have embarked on a healing journey, and to heal, the body needs rest. Take a nap, do some meditating or restorative yoga, find a cozy spot and read. Get relaxed and get some rest.

In the Days Following Your Treatment

Drink LOTS of water. Moving energy around in the body can prompt your body to release any toxins that it’s been holding onto. You’ll need to flush that out of your system. If you find yourself feeling fatigued, a little headachey, or even a little nauseous, that’s your cue to drink some water. 


You may be feeling a little bit emotional following a Reiki treatment. Occasionally you may find that situations or events from your past may filter in, as well. Don't stuff them back down. Get out your journal and explore the emotions surrounding these events and situations. This will help you process what's coming up and let it go. This isn't an overnight process. Keep journaling, and keep exploring, and consider working with a therapist to help you process what’s coming up if you need to. 

Unexpected Healings

You may find with continued Reiki sessions that healing is taking place for something you didn't necessarily intend to work on. For example, you came in for back pain, but your arthritic knee is feeling better too. Reiki works on what needs work. So if your back AND your knee need healing, you may find that they both start feeling better. Isn't that wonderful?

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