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What is Reiki Good For?

What Can You Do with Reiki?

What is Reiki is good for? In a word, ANYTHING. If it ails you, Reiki can help.


Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy

...and its uses are universal. If you suffer from anxiety, Reiki can help with that. If you have cancer, and the treatments are wiping you out, Reiki can help with that. If you have chronic pain, Reiki can help with that. If you have chronic stress, or PTSD, or need to work through childhood trauma, Reiki can support you while you heal; it can help with that.


Reiki is good for you

Reiki is good for your body. It is good for your mind. It is good for your soul. When using Reiki for healing, healing can take place on a number of levels... of course there is the obvious, physical level of healing: You come to Reiki regularly and your foot stops hurting. Then there is the emotional level: You come to Reiki and you start understanding what your triggers are and where they come from, allowing you to process and address your emotional issues. Then there is the spiritual level of healing: Reiki can help guide you on your spiritual path, and lead you back to your connection with the divine (whatever you define that as--Reiki is not a religion nor is it related to any religion), and with the earth.


As a Reiki practitioner, I have found that focusing on the emotional and spiritual aspects of healing can jump start healing of the body. Our traumas, and our life experiences in general, have a way of manifesting in the body if they are not addressed, and can exacerbate illness and injury. When those traumas are addressed and healing begins to take place on that emotional and spiritual level, it makes room for physical healing to take place. Reiki can support this process. That said, there is absolutely room to address physical issues in your Reiki sessions. Reiki can reduce chronic pain, treat migraines, alleviate arthritis pain, help with digestive issues, can help reduce chemo side effects, can reduce the symptoms of morning sickness… if it bothers you, Reiki can help.


Is there anything Reiki can't be used for?

Simply, no. It is a uniquely gentle healing modality that can be utilized for anyone, at any stage of life, in any physical condition, no matter how delicate. There are no side effects to Reiki. There are no contraindications. Reiki can be used alongside any medical treatment without fear of unwanted interactions.


What About Reiki and Inanimate Objects?

There are many non-health related uses for Reiki. As a practitioner, even a level one practitioner, you can use Reiki for an amazing number of things. Reiki your glass of water before you drink it to infuse your body with Reiki from the inside out. Reiki your food while you cook or before you eat to (again) infuse yourself from the inside out. Do you play a musical instrument? You can infuse that with Reiki, too. I play a stringed instrument, and I use Reiki on my instrument regularly. It gives it a mellower, softer, more gentle sound that I love. Do your feet hurt? Reiki your shoes! Give Reiki to your clothing before you get dressed to be bathed in Reiki all day long.


The uses for Reiki are only limited by your imagination. Reiki is infinite, and so are the things you can do with it. Give it a try to see for yourself.


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