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The Reiki Precepts

Updated: Feb 7

Have you heard of the Reiki Precepts?

I will not be angry, I will not worry, I will be honest, I will be grateful, I will be kind
Reiki Precepts Mandala

The Reiki Precepts were given to us by Master Usui himself, and are meant to be followed to help the spiritual and emotional healing process, as well as a way of life in general.

Just for Today...

I will not be angry.

I will not worry.

I will do my work and live honestly.

I will be grateful.

I will be kind to every living thing.

They seem so simple, these five little rules...but it can be hard at first. I know there are a couple that I really struggled with (I'm looking at you, Anger). I have found that focusing on one at the time really helps to get in the right frame of mind to allow healing to happen. Start with the first one on the list, and when you feel you have mastered this one, keep it up, and add the second precept. Continue on this path until you have made all of the precepts a part of your life.

The key is in the first line: Just for Today. This keeps it manageable. You are working on today only. How can you manage your anger just for today? How can you allow your mind to relax and not worry just for today? I'm not saying it will be easy, or that you won't have setbacks. There will always be setbacks, there will always be those moments when you allow someone to get under your skin, or worry slinks its tendrils into your mind, but being aware of it happening is half the battle. Now you know it's there, and it can be acknowledged, processed, and dismissed.

Take a deep breath and start again. Nobody is keeping score, nobody even has to know what you are working on. When a setback hits, acknowledge it, dismiss it, and start again. Take that deep breath, just like we do at the beginning of a Reiki session: inhale deeply, hold for a moment, and allow all the stresses (or anger, or worry, etc) in your body to be released with a big sigh. Let it go.

Do you need an easy way to remember the precepts? I have a "nutshell" version that I run through when I start to feel like I need a reminder: Don't be angry, don't worry, be honest, be grateful, be kind. It kind of has a rhythm to it, and it's easy to repeat in your mind when you are having a rough time.

Eventually, it won't even be a conscious thought. The precepts will just be a part of'll just be how you live... and you will live so much better.

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